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Email I got from UT's Spectrum

I just thought I'd put this out and share for anyone who was interested. . . . .

Hello Everyone,

Spectrum's meeting on Thursday went so well I just want to
let everyone know what we're, as a group, planning to do.

The board of trustees have once again let down the students
and faculty of the University of Toledo. Dropping gender
identity from the school's discrimination policy and seeing
the passing of Issue 1 as a reason to no longer hear about
faculty partner benefits, they are a group of people that
do NOT represent or even care about what this campus wants.
So what are we going to do about it?

1. Meet each Tuesday, 7pm, at Beaners in Cricket West and
plan ways to let the BOT know that we are NOT happy with

2. Our first plan of action...The BOT will be attending a
finance meeting next Tuesday, Dec 14, 9am in the student
union...we'd like to be there to 'greet' them with a little
Holiday smile;) (For more details please attend the
meeting at Beaners or email this account and ask)

We're encouraging everyone, not just people from Spectrum,
but all groups, on and off campus, to get involved with
this. The BOT are not 'student- centered' and we need to
let them know what it is the students want, like maybe
equality? Please, if you know anyone from another group at
Toledo or in the Toledo community, let them know what we
are up to. For next Tuesday's sit-in to work we need lots
of people...please let someone know.

Let's do this for the faculty,
They deserve equal treatment,
Then we'll move on to the students,
And get benefits for them too,
Happy Holidays,

The Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender
Queer Questioning Intersex Two-Spirit
Same Gender Loving and Ally Community
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