Dominique (hot419fem) wrote in glbt_in_nwohio,

cool frog 4u: hey i didnt know you were.......
cool frog 4u: lesbian
Hot419fem: yea
Hot419fem: will im Bi i just hate guys knowing that
cool frog 4u: oh i c
Hot419fem: you know how they think all Bi girls want like three ways
cool frog 4u: but you have a g/f
Hot419fem: yes i do
cool frog 4u: how long have you been Bi
Hot419fem: my whole life
cool frog 4u: really
cool frog 4u: anbd you never told me and amanda
Hot419fem: nope, will i really dont need drama, up in that store
cool frog 4u: oh lol well you kind of already have it
cool frog 4u: if you gave ur s/n out
Hot419fem: lol
Hot419fem: i guess so
cool frog 4u: yeah because my mom knows
cool frog 4u: so....
cool frog 4u: and she said someone younger told her
Hot419fem: lol oh, hmm as long as i dont get major hate i dont care
cool frog 4u: oh ok
cool frog 4u: well my mom doesnt care she was just wondering if i knew
cool frog 4u: she told me a while ago but you were never on when i was on so i never asked yet
Hot419fem: oh so is it like this big rumor, lol
cool frog 4u: well kind of but then again no because i didnt blab it to anyone
cool frog 4u: since i dont work at Kmart you have nothing to worry about
Hot419fem: lol, will if your mom knows and some one told her im sure that every one knows
cool frog 4u: well i am sure they are not going to treat you any different
cool frog 4u: you still work at the Big K right?
Hot419fem: yup

lol i didnt know that people know up at work. Will im not like getting any homophiobia so thats good. Maybe i can talk about my girlfriend now then. As far as i know there has only been one lil thing that i think was homophiobia.
the halloween contest. its was me and an old lady who just stick flowers on her self. I was dress to a T. come on now how do i lose to that. if you have not seen the costume check my page i'll put it in my memories.
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